Top Textil, deposit of second hand clothes was born from the desire to demonstrate that in the sale of second hand clothing and footwear exist top products and services. Thus, during the 5 years of experience our company has managed to form a team of over 30 people, a team that is specialized and attentive to all details of sold goods.

At Top Textil, deposit of second hand clothes you find quality clothes, diversity, personalized services, counseling, low prices and convenient transport.

                With over 5 years of experience as a direct importer and wholesaler of second hand clothing and footwear in Romania, Top Textil is the partner you need. All the clothes are imported from northern cities of Germany, which means a guaranteed quality and aesthetically attractive products.

                We sell second hand clothes and shoes for all ages. Thus, in the Top Textil stock you can find clothes and shoes for both adults and children, all at very competitive prices.


Preturi atractive si negociabile




Why you should choose Top Textil like a supplier of second hand clothing and footwear?

Why you should choose our services? It’s simple: because we promote the quality and because we respect our customers. Moreover, we have all the resources necessary for top services:

  • experience on the specialized market
  • goods imported from Germany
  • negotiable prices depending on quantity
  • transport across Romania for larger quantities of 1000 kg
  • goods with certificate of disinfection
  • consulting services for second hand retail stores

Clients from Russia and Romania


            Our wholesale store is aimed to Romanian and Russian market, second hand clothing stores and charities. The market experience has taught us to offer uncompromising quality so that we can become long term partners for all those who want to provide top customer service.

             It is fashionable to wear second hand clothes, so if you intend to attract customers through quality items with an original design and low wear, contact us! We are at your disposal with personalized offers and also with negotiable prices!

Am vizitat depozitul de imbracaminte si incaltaminte sh din Slobozia, mi-a placut colectia si calitatea hainelor sortate si de atunci achizitionez marfa de la Top Textil pentru magazinul meu sh.


Freelancer Compania x
Am comandat un balot cu haine second hand, colectia primavara-vara. Sunt foarte multumit de calitatea produselor. Este cea mai buna experienta pe care am avut-o cu un depozit angro de imbracaminte.


Contabil Compania X
Calitate foarte buna a pantofilor achizitionati pentru magazinul nostru second hand din Bucuresti. Vom continua sa colaboram cu depozitul en-gros de haine si incaltaminte Top Textil.


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Haine second hand cu certificat


           Certified used clothes

We offer sorted second hand and collect original clothes and shoes for our clients, retail stores. The goods are issued based on certificate of disinfection. In other words, Top Textil guarantees the quality and the safety of the products commercialized.

         Counseling services

             Because we want to support our customers with full services, Top Textil team is at your disposal with counseling services, so that your investment to be an advantageous one. We offer you advice and we guide you to purchase the products that you need.

            Also, to be a perfect supplier we are ready to listen customer suggestions. In short, Top Textil always find the best solutions!


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Contact Depozit Haine Angro SH
0766.261.865 | 0727.316.163
Soseaua Amara, nr.19 | Slobozia | jud. Ialomita, 920049
Luni — Vineri , 8:00am – 5:00pm