Qualitative second hand clothing imported from Germany


     The modern clothing belonging to famous brands and has cheap prices. This is the offer of the Top Textil, deposit of second hand clothes.

Our warehouse is stocked with clothes brought from Germany, especially clothes collected from northern cities. The clothes are collected by the process “door to door”, an alternative that guarantees almost new clothing and even new.

Once arrived in our warehouse, the clothes are carefully selected by Top Textile staff and organized in categories.

We provide clothing for women, men and children, including blouses, shirts, jackets, trousers, sportswear, dresses, skirts, shirts, etc.


Qualitative second hand footwear imported from Germany


    Like clothing, the commercialized footwear comes from Germany, a country known for quality products made here.

So if you want to supply the shops shelves with second hand footwear call Top Textil, deposit of second hand clothes from Slobozia.

In our warehouse you can find seasonal footwear and footwear sorted by categories: sport, casual, events, etc.

The commercialized footwear is of the highest quality and belong to famous brands in the field. The footwear is available in all sizes.


Industrial cloths


We import industrial cloths made of 100% cotton from Germany. The range of industrial cloths is extremely varied and categorized. Thus, you can purchase from our offer the following: white cotton cloths, colored cotton cloths, white cotton, colored cotton, heavy cloths.

The cloths have a high absorption level and are intended for cleaning dirty surfaces

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Second hand household items


A special category is represented by the range of second hand household items. Thus, besides second hand clothing / footwear and industrial cloths for factories and companies with Top Textil, deposit of second hand clothes, you can order duvets, towels, bathrobes and bed sheets with all certificates attesting their quality.