Second hand clothing


Do you want to have access to the second hand clothing of the highest quality, ideal for any season? Are you looking for a supplier of second hand clothing that will provide low prices and favorable conditions of transport? The solution is Top Textil, deposit of second hand clothes from Slobozia, Ialomita.

Top Textil commercializes wholesale second hand clothing for all specialized stores in this area and for charities.

We are going to met you with a great variety of second hand clothing, carefully selected and organized into categories.


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Clothes imported from Germany


The clothes are imported from Germany, especially from rich cities by the process “door to door”. The clothing is almost new and with disinfection certificates.

Among the clothes offered there are: blouses, shirts, sportswear, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, overalls, jackets, coats and accessories.

Here is our offer in terms of second hand clothing:

Second hand clothing with Mixed sorting, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter (mixed goods for any season, both for men and women and children of different ages)

the low season clothing at promotional prices (goods are packed in bags from 120 to 150 kg and contain only second hand season clothing)

So, whatever the season, Top Textil supplies you with aesthetically attractive clothes and very inexpensive.

All clothing made available by Top Textil has a very low degree of wear, many garments are new or worn a few times.

Clothes are carefully packaged in plastic bags of about 5 to 10 kg, so that the delivery takes place in the best conditions.

Second hand household items

In our store you can find a full range of second hand household items, including:

  • duvets
  • towels
  • bathrobes
  • bed sheets

All these items hold certificates attesting their quality and safety level.

Clienti from Romania and Rusia

    Our wholesale store is aimed to Romanian and Russian market, second hand clothing stores and charities. The market experience has taught us to offer uncompromising quality so that we can become long term partners for all those who want to provide top customer service.

It is fashionable to wear second hand clothes, so if you intend to attract customers through quality items with an original design and low wear, contact us! We are at your disposal with personalized offers and also with negotiable prices!

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