Second hand footwear


In the Top Textil offer you can find a rich range of second hand footwear, qualitative and sorted according to the season. If you want to stock up with second hand footwear for summer or for winter, contact us and enjoy the multiple benefits.

With an experience of over 5 years on the Romanian market and with hundreds of collaborations with the customers from the country and abroad (Russia), Top Textil provides the necessary of shoes at unique prices!

The goods from bags are sorted by categories directly from Germany, namely: spring-summer and autumn-winter. Being directly selected, the stores avoid the risk of getting the product in stock.



Top Textil offer, second hand footwear:


  • mixed goods spring-summer: we offer access to seasonal shoes for men, women and children. The bags contain: sandals, sports shoes, shoes, heeled shoes or platform, etc.
  • mixed goods autumn-winter: boots, sport shoes, boots, all for women and men and children.

         The footwear is distinguished not only by low levels of wear but also the quality, design and label, many items are brand and from the latest collections of major fashion houses.

     Our stock of second hand shoes is available in all sizes and for all ages.

    Moreover, second hand shoes sold by Top Textil have and disinfection certificates attesting their level of safety.

    To achieve the best delivery terms (regardless of distance), the shoes are packed in plastic bags of 5-10 kg. Thus, you have the warranty that ordered goods will be transported safely and in optimal conditions.

    In terms of price, with Top Textil you have access to extremely advantageous prices. The prices are negotiable depending on the ordered quantity. In other words, order more, pay less!
For further information and to obtain a personalized offer, contact us!


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