Industrial cloths


           A clean environment is a healthy environment. So, if you want to ensure an optimal working environment, contact Top Textil and order industrial 100% cotton cloths. The industrial cloths are ideal in all sectors of production and are recommended for environmental safety.

Top Textil has a great offer for all firms and companies concerned about environmental health and the health of its employees: industrial cloths supplied directly from Germany at competitive prices!

The industrial cloths come, usually, of textile, carefully selected for extra comfort in use. The cloths are packaged in transparent bags 40×40 with a weight of 10 kg.

The industrial cloths have a wide range of use in various fields and are made of clothing, underwear and various tissues from 100% cotton.


Avantaje lavete industriale Top Textil


          The industrial cloths sold by our company are distinguished by high absorption power, durability and functionality. In other words, the cloths clean all surfaces and absorb large amounts of water and oil or other substances, toxic or non-toxic.

         The cloths do not leave lint and are ideal for organic compounds but also for water-based solvents. The use of industrial cloth provides comfort and safety and also save the time.

      Being made of 100% cotton, the industrial cloths remove dust and dirt, absorbing all kinds of substances on the surfaces.

       Also, industrial cloths are used for cleaning industrial equipment, be it complex pieces of equipment or separate.


Oferta Top Textil in materie de lavete industriale:


The Top Textil offer in terms of industrial cloths:

  • white cotton cloths (made from white fabric shirts)
  • colored cotton cloths (made from colored shirts)
  • white cotton (made from cotton shirts)
  • colored cotton (made from different colored cotton shirts)
  • heavy cloths (made from overalls, jeans or other garments with a stiffer texture and a higher power absorption)

              The transport of industrial cloths is made in plastic bags, which guarantees that your products will be delivered in a perfect condition.

                We provide any quantity of industrial cloths.

                For more information contact us and order industrial cloths at unique prices.